Story of Kate's Lazy Desert

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Monica, Kate, Zeus and Athena visit Kate's Lazy Desert

The Real True Story Behind Kate's Lazy Desert…


The inspiration for Kate's Lazy Desert came the same way the light bulb of Lazy Meadow went off - it happened while driving along the main road from Woodstock to Phoenicia… that's when i first saw a gleaming silver airstream with a "for sale" sign on it and I screeched to a halt in my orange VW bug! 

I called the number posted on the window, met the owner and sealed the deal after a little obligatory negotiation! This was airstream no. 1 which became "TINKERBELL" - our first official Kate's Lazy Meadow Airstream.

After setting "TINKERBELL" on the Lazy Meadow ("meadow" by the Esopus creek), the other Airstreams seemed to steer their way toward us by some magical force.

Our smallest airstream, "LAVA", was bought from a coven of beautiful transgender witches who wanted to give their little silver bullet a good home. Monica and I drove to Kaaterskill Falls nearby to meet them and within the hour, "the mouse trap" was in tow, back to Kate's Lazy Meadow! ("mouse trap" was its first name, as its former owner was nicknamed "grey mouse". 

Inside, "LAVA", you feel like you are a genie inside a lava lamp - a real trip!

A few months later we got a call from a young man who had an airstream literally "stuck in the mud". He said, "If you can haul it out from my campsite, you can have it. I'm moving out west, and i want it to have a good home". Seems like these airstreams are like pets - no one wants to see them go to rack and ruin and so we set about restoring each one to its former glory, and then some! 

This airstream became " TIKI", featuring a groovy mid-century Tiki bar motif inside and out.

So far, except for '"TINKERBELL", the airstreams were in pretty bad shape and their 'former glory' was way in the past.

So we called on our good friends and neighbors, Phillip Maberry and Scott Walker, to restore, renovate, renew and redo each airstream. Then, by giving each a theme and a new lease on life (but also keeping every original detail that could be kept) we added our first Vintage Airstreams one by one to Kate's Lazy Meadow. My partner Monica 'hauled' them in our Lazy Meadow "Monster Truck" all the way back to the Meadow!   

The next trailer we procured was deemed 'Kate's fantasy dressing room' or "HAIRSTREAM" as I've named it officially. We gave Phillip and Scott a box of B-52's memorabilia and they covered the walls with posters and photos from each and every album, even stenciling the exterior with the names of places we've been (and some places we've never been) on the road.  

A few months later, we got a call from a couple who inherited an airstream from one of their parents who had been to Alaska and all over the country in their airstream. Their father was the president of the "Wally Bynum" Caravan Club International, a great honor for an airstream owner - so in homage to Roy and Edy, we called the trailer "NORTH TO ALASKA". It still has the stickers on the windows showing the trail they blazed all over America. And, the Pacific Native American Art done by amazing artist, Michael Lee Scott!

The last airstream we acquired became "PLANET AIR" based loosely on the B-52's song 'Planet Claire' (Monica's idea!). The windows are covered with colored gel to give the feeling of 'pink air'. And the interior has special 'space controls and LED panels' fun. So yet another Airstream makes it to the Lazy Meadow!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the "Lazy Airstreams" enjoyed great popularity at Kate's Lazy Meadow. Sited on the beautiful Esopus creek, each airstream had a cozy, private spot complete with grill, hammock, lounge chairs, and fire pit. They were the first 'rooms' to be booked in the summer and fall. Everybody wanted to go "GLAMPING" in the airstreams. All was well... until our first flood in 2004, when the creek swept over the meadow and the whole town of Phoenicia and filled our beloved airstreams with sandy mud.  

We couldn't believe it when the third flood came and re-wrecked the newly renovated airstreams - more mud, more cleanup! After this third round of cleanups, Monica had an intuition to just move them to a flood safe area until we figured out some new "LAZY" place for them to relocate. She couldn't take another flood! Her mind went to the desert… wonder why??!!

Kate's Lazy Desert, here we come!

The answer came when we were staying in Los Angeles for the winter while I was working on my first solo album. Monica wanted a new project to work on, and, while we were visiting Phillip and Scott in their desert home near Joshua Tree, the land next door to them suddenly went up for sale. An older couple owned the plot and they and their friends would bring their RV's there for their winter vacations. You probably weren't aware of a town called Landers before, but this is a very special spot in the universe. Situated in pristine high desert, six miles from Joshua Tree Nat'l Park and near The Integratron (another story) this seemed the perfect spot for Kate's Lazy Desert. 

Then Monica set to work on procuring the land and arranging the move of the airstreams across the country and setting up all the systems for operation. Don and Megan are our neighbors and new friends who make sure your stay with us at Kate's Lazy Desert is just as special as we intended!

Terrain and Weather

The desert floor beneath the airstreams is blown sand, in reality it's a sand dune. On the subject of sand, please stay on the driveway loop and park only where we have it marked. Otherwise you will get stuck.

We have an outside fire pit for keeping the chill off while viewing the amazing stars in the evening. We suggest you bring an armload of wood from the local gas station or food store in Yucca Valley or Joshua Tree.

Weather: Summer temperatures soar over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and don't get much below 75 degrees F at night. Spring and fall highs run about 85 degrees Fahrenheit and lows around 50 degrees F. Winter days reach 60 degrees Fahrenheit with freezing nights. By far, the greatest danger in the desert is the weather. Due to the high desert environment, it will be blazing hot during the day and temperatures may drop to freezing during the night. Do not hike without adequate water. One gallon per person per day is the minimum recommended amount. Wear hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, dress in layers, and good shoes (flip flops or sandals are not a good idea, except in the trailers). Take all other precautions when dealing with a desert environment.


We installed an above ground swimming pool, so bring your swim suits and towels.

We hope you love the Hi-Desert as much as we do. Enjoy your stay!