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the esopus creek, ny


located in South Central New York, the esopus creek is a freestone creek well known for its great wild trout population, the large browns and rainbows that migrate upstream from the Ashokan Reservoir during their spawning period. One of the more accessible rivers in the Catskills, the Esopus attracts fishermen from all over.


About The Esopus Creek

The Esopus Creek is a tributary of the Hudson River and joins that river by the Village of Saugerties in the northeast corner of Ulster County. It was named after the Esopus Tribe of the Iroquois Confederacy, who traveled through the area. They did not live there though, as the area had rocky soil, which made for relatively poor farming land.

The Esopus originates at Winnisook Lake in the Catskill Mountains, and flows in a circle around Panther Mountain. It eventually leaves the vicinity of the mountain, and flows several miles until it reaches the Ashokan Reservoir. It then runs down the spillway on the dam that holds the reservoir back at Olivebridge, and flows southeast until it takes a sharp turn and heads northeast. From there, the creek continues eastward until it flows north into the Hudson in Saugerties.

The creek is a component of New York City's water supply system. Water from the Schoharie Reservoir flows through the Shandaken Tunnel, and empties out into the Esopus at Allaben, New York. This water then flows 11 miles down the Esopus, and empties into the Ashokan Reservoir. The water in the reservoir that doesn't run down the spillway at the Olivebridge Dam enters the Catskill Aqueduct and enters New York City's water supply distribution system.

Fly Fishing Information

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